What are the differences between standard Sermon Connect and Sermon Flow Social?

Sermon Flow is a graphical upgrade to Sermon Connect, so most of the information you would learn about Sermon Connect applies to Sermon Flow.  Typically faithHighway schedules training walk-thrus of Sermon Connect so that we can go over the ins and outs, but you can find a video link to how to upload standard items to it here: https://www.sermonconnect.com/videotutorials/index.html.  This will also cover podcasting.

The main differences between Sermon Flow and Sermon Connect are these:

1) Series – Sermon Flow Social requires each item to be created in a Series.  A Series is a compilation of items under a given name, and to create a Series when you are editing a media item to upload in the #1 area you will see ‘Select Series’.  Click the ‘Add’ button next to it and give the Series a name and description, and once done click the ‘Select Series’ to choose the Series name to add the item to it.  Series are universal across the media – once you create a Series it’s available for all uploaded media items.

2) Sermon Flow Image – Sermon Flow Social has the option to have an image uploaded that can be the ‘Series image’ to give it identity when scrolling through the various Series.  This can be located in the media edit screen in #2, under the item ‘Sermon Flow Image’.  To add a Sermon Flow image to the Series simply put a check mark in the box next to it and in #4 it will prompt you to add a picture for the Series.  Sermon Flow Social has two possible image sizes to display in its Series screen – small and large. The small size is 120 x 120, the large size is 215 x 215, and all pictures are jpgs (Item image and Sermon Flow image). When working with them you have to upload Sermon Flow images that are the same size as you specify – if you load a small (120 x 120) image for Sermon Flow Social and it is set for 215 x 215 then the image won’t show until you change it to 215 x 215.

To change between the picture size types you will need to log into your Sermon Connect account and from the admin panel of Sermon Connect go to the ‘Account Information’ option on the right. From here click on the ‘View / Change Account Info’ on the bottom right and in the next screen you will see a small checkbox about four lines down that says ‘Sermon Flow Large Images’. Having a check mark in this box will upgrade the images to the large setting, and unchecking it will have it at the small size. Item images are different – all Item images are 120 x 120 in size. Be sure that when you are uploading your items for Sermon Flow Social that you always stick to the size setting that you have specified or else it will not show those pictures in the Sermon Flow page.

3) Videos – With the upgrade to Sermon Flow Social you can now utilize videos from four different providers – Vimeo, Youtube, UStream and LiveStream.  To use these you will need to upload a video to the respective source, obtain the video ID from that source and then go to the ‘Add Video’ option in the Media Management section of the Sermon Connect admin panel.  Inside here (or if you Edit an existing video) you will see the four options in the #3 area.  Select the option of choice and paste the video ID of that source in the box below the buttons.  From here just save the work and it will link that video to Sermon Flow Social in place of an uploaded video.  For information on how to find the codes in the respective video areas, please click here.