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Drive! Church Management Software (ChMS)

Equip your church to meet the demands of modern outreach and church management with an easy to use suite of tools. Suitable for any size congregation, Drive is ready to help you focus on relationship building and discipleship. See how Drive will change the way you manage your church.



Manage Database

Outreach, Integrated Giving, Calendars, Interact, Task, Communication, Engagement – All the executive functions of your church managed, tracked, assigned and reported from one place in one comprehensive tool.


Child Check-In

RFID, Mobile and Label check in – 3 fast and secure options to keep your children’s ministry organized and safe.


Mass Contact

Email, Mailings, Voicemail, and SMS (Text Messaging) -Virtually every way you communicate with your members and staff can be managed, scheduled and completed within Drive.


Member Access

Grant Members Access into their own portal to view and engage with their personal relationship with God in your church. Members can log in an access and update their family’s information within their account.

What else can Drive do for you?


Relationships – Discipleship and outreach are the cornerstones of building a healthy ministry. Record, manage and assign the relationship management work of your church. Pastoral engagement can now be done with excellence and results.
Mobile – Ready to use from any device. Access a member profile, add new members, create groups and manage interactions all from your phone or tablet. Parents can even check-in their children on their mobile device as they pull into the parking lot.
Attendance – Make sure no one slips through the cracks with absence reporting. Find and report members who might need a follow up touch with Drives’ attendance tracker.
Facilities – Schedule events, meetings and manage your spaces effectively without overlap. Drive’s facilities feature allows you and your staff to coordinate meetings and spaces effectively.
Integrated Background Checks – Ordering and managing your church background checks couldn’t be simpler. Now you can run background checks from directly within your Drive ChMS Admin via our advanced integration with Protect My Ministry. Want to learn more about background checks through Protect My Ministry?
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