fH Design Services

The design of your website is crucial to attracting both visitors and members. It presents your brand image, tells your site visitors how seriously you take your online ministry, and brings you the opportunity to draw them into your site content and eventually the doors of your church! We offer a variety of design elements to enhance your online presence; you can choose the pieces that best fit your needs.

Custom Design
Every faithHighway website receives custom design to help each church and ministry present a unique online presence. From colors to images, we want to create a website that fits the vision of your organization!

Custom Layout
In the Plus Package and beyond, you can work with your specialists to create a custom layout that includes all the elements you desire to have on your home page, footer, landing page, and inside pages. This option combined with the custom design of the site provides you with the most unique website presentation.

Home Image Rotator
Present your upcoming events through a seamless, well-designed, and dynamic rotation piece. With our image editor, you can upload your own images to the home page element, and then link those to event registration forms, current sermon series, or informational pages as needed.

Branding Packages
Incorporate a complete branding package, including logo design, print collateral, and social media page design, into your website design. By combining these elements you can present a consistent brand image across multiple interfaces.

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