fH Tools for Outreach

Create a website geared towards attracting new visitors to your church and turning them into active members with these tools from faithHighway! We help you create a unique site that meets the needs of your organization. You can choose which elements are right for you.

Share Wall
Create an online portal for your community. A place to post items needed or for sale, job opportunities and more. By creating a helpful tool for your community, you will demonstrate how your ministry is relevant to people’s every day lives!

Social Media
Hopefully you are already connecting with your members and potential visitors through the various social networking opportunities. Let us help you present a consistent brand image through customized social media skins that will help your visitors associate the billboards they see for your church with the interesting conversation they had on Twitter last week.

Sermon Connect*
Offer a taste of your ministry through on demand video streaming and give visitors a chance to check out your Sunday service as it happens through live streaming so that they will know what to expect when they visit!

#1 reason the unchurched attend a service is based on a connection to the pastor. – Rainer Research

Does your church sell CDs, books, apparel, tickets, etc.? You can easily sell these items online as well by allowing faithHighway to set up an E-Commerce store. In a world of online shopping, an online store will allow you to reach more people!

* Want to add this tool to a non-faithHighway site? We offer this tool a la carte to help your online presence grow.

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