Flexible Layout vs Custom

You may have heard terms like “pre-defined” or “proven” layout and wonder what that means.

Are you getting a template site when you invest in the Standard Package?

Absolutely not!

faithHighway is all about getting you custom design to match your unique vision and goals. From custom logo creation to matching your brand color scheme to designing custom graphic elements for the site, every site we produce is custom designed.

So what is a Flexible Layout?

To understand this, you must first understand the difference between custom design and custom programming.

  • With custom design we can create a completely unique look and feel for your site while still staying within the standard programming parameters of a given flexible layout. A flexible layout is a piece of code that we can rearrange and add programing to fit your custom design. This allow us to get you’re a custom design at a much lower cost. If a website was made with 100% custom code, then the costs quickly escalate.
  • If you want functionality or layout elements outside the parameters of our flexible layouts, then it crosses into custom programming.

So, within in a Flexible Layout you still get all the benefits of a professional, custom design but you don’t have to invest in an immense amount of custom programming time. We have developed a few proven layouts that fit the needs of a lot of organizations that have enough flexibility to meet the goals of the organization (including converting them to responsive design if desired).

By using these proven layouts, we are able to lower our production costs by not having to start from scratch with each and every project. We pass that savings on to you in our Standard Package pricing.

You can trust that we will help you determine the right layout to meet your needs during the Discovery process, and if your needs start to go outside the parameters of the chosen layout, we will let you know that so you can decide if you want to move into a higher package.

Is Flexible or Custom right for you?

Talk to one of our consultants today to discuss your vision and needs. They have consulted thousands of organizations and have the expertise to identify exactly what you need to turn your dream site into a real & tangible tool that meets your organization’s goals & budget.

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