How to Get Better Search Engine Rankings

After working with the fH Team to create an awesome online presence, you may be wondering why that site isn’t showing up higher in search engines. Here are our top tips for moving up!!

  1. Content: Search engines normally send out what they call “crawlers” to search the content on your site about every 6-8 weeks. The rule of thumb here is “CONTENT IS KING!,” which means that what these search engines are going to pull from is your content. Be sure you have the text/content you feel is most important within your content as many times as you can.  The more a keyword (or words) are mentioned within your content/text, the more likely it is that it’ll be pulled by the search engine crawlers.
  2. Links to Your Site & Increased Traffic: A great way to increase your chances of getting those “crawlers” to search your site is to increase traffic to it, so get the word out to your members to visit the site as much as possible (and to link to it from their own websites, blogs, Facebook accounts, etc.).  The more hits you get at individual IP addresses, the better!
  3. Learn from Others: There are some great guides out there about search engine optimization. One we recommend is actually directly from Google: SEO Starter Guide.

While we can’t guarantee search engine rankings, we hope these tips will help you improve your results. If you ever want more tips or to talk to us about your site’s rankings, contact the account management team at

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