Privacy Policy

faithHighway Privacy Policy

faithHighway is committed to protecting the privacy of every client and every person who supplies personal information online.

As part of faithHighway’s business model, faithHighway collects various pieces of information to better server potential customers. This information includes organization name, contact name, position in organization, phone number, email address, and interests.

faithHighway will never share, sell, or distribute any of your information to third parties. faithHighway will not send you other forms of communication not specified here unless you specifically request them.

By providing your information, you are agreeing to receive periodic communication from faithHighway, including news announcements regarding new services, updates, and discounts. Additionally, faithHighway may follow up with you via phone and email during regular business hours.

faithHighway has taken various measures to insure the security and privacy of your information. Your information is stored on the faithHighway web servers that are custom-built industrial machines designed for a 24/7 web-serving environment. They are equipped with dual redundant 450-watt power supplies, hot-swap Seagate Barracuda/Cheetah drives, and force-filtered cooling systems. Each site is hosted at a secure, monitored multimillion dollar Class A facility (the faithHighway racks are right next to TimeWarner Cable). The faithHighway systems are secured by Cisco firewalls and routing equipment. Most individual systems are then protected by a local software firewall preventing direct access. System administration access is completely blocked to the outside world preventing hackers from getting access into the faithHighway systems. The faithHighway datacenter remains under lock and key at all times (requiring authorized access with a photo ID), and only a handful of faithHighway engineers have direct server access.

If you would no longer like to receive communication from faithHighway, please email to unsubscribe from promotions, special offers, and news from faithHighway. Once your email is received, you will be removed from the faithHighway contact list within 48 hours.

If you have questions or comments about the faithHighway privacy policy, email