Sermon Flow for WordPress

Before you get started

We will need to activate your Sermon Flow Social implementation on any domain(s) of your choice. We will need to put the domain in our systems to allow the Sermon Flow Social content to display. Please ‘SUBMIT A TICKET’ with the domains you would like to add to your Sermon Connect ID. Also, you will need to obtain your Sermon Connect ID before implementing Sermon Flow on your website install.

Get your Sermon Connect ID.

Log into Sermon Connect ( ) and then go to the ‘Account Info’ page.

The image below shows where you can get your ID.

WordPress Site Implementation


To implement Sermon Flow Social into any WordPress site, you will need to first install the Sermon Flow Social plugin provided to you. To request a download link please visit

Activate the plugin in the Plugins Manager section of WordPress.



Short Code

When you edit/add a page, add the SHORT CODE below for Sermon Flow. In the code below, replace the text       YOUR_ID         with your Sermon Connect id:


[sermonflow scid=’123456′ display=’coverflow’ color=’fff’ boxcolor=’fff’]


Below is a screen shot of a SHORT CODE using the ID: 123456