How do I set up iTunes to view podcasts?

Locate your Podcast URL

After setting up the podcast in Sermon Connect, go to the Media page on your website. There will be either a podcast button(podcast) at the top/left of your media player or a podcast icon at the bottom of a selected media item(podcast-icon.jpg). Click on either one to see the available podcasts you’ve created. You will then see the View feed URL button (feed) next to each Podcast. This is the feed URL for your podcast.

Submit to iTunes

  1. Follow the instructions provided by Apple to Test your Feed.
  2. After you have confirmed that you can listen to your podcast through your own iTunes application, follow these instructions to Submit your podcast.
  3. Note that podcasts submitted to the iTunes Store do not become immediately available for subscription by others; they are submitted to a queue for review by iTunes staff.
  4. After your podcast feed has been accepted, you can get a link to distribute through email or websites by follow these steps for Linking to Your Podcast.