Using Pixlr to Resize Images

Getting Started

In most cases it is best to resize an image before cropping to ensure the optimal content within the image is achieved.

Go to the Pixlr website:

Select “Browse,” then choose the image you would like to use from your computer.

Once your photo has been uploaded, you’ll be taken to an edit window. From here, you can adjust your image’s size.


When you go to the Resize section, you will not see the bounding box like you saw in the crop tool because you will be resizing the whole image. To resize the image, click the Adjustment icon, then Resize. (This icon is to the right of Crop.)

Here you see the image’s width and height in pixels. To resize the image, decrease the width or height. By default, the image will resize proportionally. We recommend you to leave the proportional resize on, not doing so will cause images to appear stretched and distorted.To “save” the image resize, click “Apply.”


Use the Crop tool if you would like to reduce the pixel size of an image while cropping out a portion of it.

Click the Adjustment icon, then Crop. You’ll see blue squares at the corners of your image. Drag them to adjust the portion of your image that will show. What is outside of the blue squares will be cropped out. To apply the crop, either double click the image or press the “Apply” button.

Click on “Save” in the upper-right corner of the browser window. Here you will give the file a name and adjust its quality. A lower number means less quality; likewise, a higher one means better quality. More quality also means bigger file size; in general, we recommend 80 as a good option for quality.

When you’ve made your selections, click “Save.” Pixlr will then ask you where you want to save this new image. Please take note of the location that the images is being saved to in order to find the images easily.