What Does that Mean?

Here’s a handy little guide to understanding some of the technical terms you may hear along the way!

Mobile Options

  • Mobile Compatible – Looks just like desktop on your mobile device (pinch zoom)
  • Mobile Theme – The site is converted to function better on a mobile device.  This includes a drop down of the entire navigation structure, only the content on the page renders, but the custom graphics & layout are no longer present
  • Mobile Responsive – Design & content rearrange to fit any device or screen size (requires customizing of design and content elements)

Design Elements

  • Custom Home Page Rotator – This is the ability to present dynamic, graphic images on your home page for special events, current sermon series, announcements, etc. Depending on the package or a la carte items you purchase, our design team can design these images for you.
  • Custom Inside Page Feature Image – Your site will have a consistent design, layout and navigation, but we can add a featured image as a banner within the content area of a page to give that page a unique look. Great to use on a subset of pages for a particular ministry to unite the design feel.
  • Custom Inside Page – This acts a mini-site. A single page within your site that can include a different background, logo, and header but navigation and layout stays the same.
  • Sub Site – This is a completely unique site with unique design, layout, and navigation. Can be used for things like a youth ministry, preschool or daycare or anything else that wants to have its own look & feel.
  • Custom Video Module – A video embedded into one of your pages. This is great for welcome videos.

Package Differences

  • Content Transfer – We will transfer the text from documents you provide or an existing web page, and we will adjust the font and color to coordinate with the overall site design. This is the content service provided with the Standard Package.
  • Content Design – Going beyond the text elements. We will layout the content in an appealing way, embed forms, and include image elements that your provide. This is the content service provided with the Plus Package and beyond.
  • Flexible vs. Custom Layout – Every site we create is custom designed, but depending on the package it may have a custom layout or be within the parameters of one of our proven layouts. Learn more about the differences here.

Website Maintenance & Investment Fee – This is the ongoing payment you make (which can be done monthly, quarterly, or annually), and the amount varies depending on the package you have. It has 2 functions:

Firstly, it acts as an investment in your long term website presence. After you’ve been with us for 2 years, you are eligible to receive 50% off any of our packages. This allows you to keep your web presence up to date with current design trends and best practices.

Secondly, it covers all the maintenance aspects of your website, including:

  • Ongoing Consultation & Account Management
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Web Hosting
  • Software Licensing
  • Phone & Online Technical Support
  • Website Maintenance
  • Daily Data Backups
  • Email Services
  • Feature & Tool Enhancements


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