What is the faithHighway Process Like?

Along the way, we will connect you with experts in each phase of creating your site. We don’t want you to feel like you are getting bounced around but know that we want the best people working with you at a given point of the process. Check out the various phases and teams that you will work with during your time with faithHighway!

Discovery Phase

Once you make your initial deposit, you meet with a Site Architect to discuss your vision for the site and turn that into a detailed scope of work that includes: navigation, tools, functionality, package selection, and site layout.

The site architect will provide you with some paperwork to review the scope of work and give us written confirmation to begin your project.

Design Phase

Once you sign off on the complete scope of work, the Design and Production Team gets to work!

  1. Design meeting with your Designer to really dig into the elements you purchased, talk design concepts, and discuss your vision for the final project.
  2. Your Designer creates initial designs of your various elements, which will then go through revisions to make sure it looks the way you envisioned. You are allowed up to three revisions.
  3. As your design is being finalized our programmers set up a production site complete with the tools and pages for your project.
  4. You write up your content and send it over to us to be implemented on the site according to the package you purchased
  5. Once your design is approved and content added, our tech team provides you with training material and sessions, as needed, to get you comfortable using the system.

When everything is completed, we take your site live!

Live Website

Once the new site is live, you are assigned to our Account Management Group. They will provide you any assistance you need regarding site updates or additional services.

You also have continued access to tech support for any issues you encounter or additional training.

How Long Does it Take?

We can have your site ready for content in 8 to 10 weeks (with prompt feedback from you during the various phases). If you have your content ready to at that point, the whole site can be done in as little as 3 months. If you are not prompt in getting back to our team or it takes you longer to hone your content, this process can take a lot longer.

A website is a living organism and may never seem “complete”. So we encourage you to get your site live as soon as possible and continue to perfect it once it is live.

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